2009-2010 Nunavik Select Hockey Teams

The selection of the members of the five Nunavik Select Hockey Teams for the 2010 winter has been completed. These 5 teams are including the most deserving students-hockey players in purpose to represent the region and its youth hockey program during Provincial, National and International hockey events in the Québec City area. The selection was done by the NYHDP committee, who is formed by its coordinators, administrators, instructors and educators.

The selection was opened to the participants throughout the entire region, aged between 8 and 17 years old, and the intention was to choose the most skilled individuals who respected and followed the Nunavik Youth Hockey Development Program guidelines. Each community was asked to send their best students-players from all age groups to participate in different tryouts held in Kuujjuaq during the fall season.

The selected individuals were chosen by our hockey instructors and educators, with the help, inputs and recommendations in some case, coming from school educators, local hockey trainers and parents who are also involved with the program in their respective community. The decisions were based on the following program criteria which also relate to the different values that are being taught under the program:

➢ Team work
➢ Effort
➢ Positive spirit & attitude
➢ Punctuality
➢ Helping and supporting others
➢ Respect for authority
➢ Respect for other participants
➢ Respect for equipment & facilities
➢ Accepting mistakes - willingness to correct
➢ Leadership
➢ Perseverance

Consult these pages for the list of selected students-hockey players in their respective category and the event in which each team will represent the region of Nunavik:

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